Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Without Further Ado

It's done, it happened, Jen in Omaha created a blogging community for all of us that do NOT fit into a blogging mold. It's called what the BLOG!? and it's absolutely elitist (ha ha, just kidding, well kind of).

Jen is a very smart and funny girl and you'd be special if you joined her community, I promise. Plus, there are already some really amazing members and you'd be cast off the Blogging Island if you didn't join. If you want to join, which would be a wise decision, go to what the BLOG!? and join damnit. In case some of you have a phobia about clicking on links, you can just type into your address bar (or you could overcome your phobia and click on the address) and it will magically take you to what the BLOG!?

One more time, what the BLOG!?

Did you hear me? I said, what the BLOG!?

She even made up some frickin' awesome buttons (I told you she was smart). Look!

I'm only showing these two because they look purdy on my blog! She has tons, well okay, not "tons", but a lawt!

1 comment:

Jen said...

Mikala!! Welcome to What the Blog!? You have been added to the list of offical members.

Thanks for whoring the new community out so well! :) You're the best!!!!!

P.S. Everyone else: if you haven't yet, go to what the blog!? and sign up so you can be as awesome as Mikala. Okay? Good.