Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years' Resolutions

Okay, I know I've been neglecting my little blog and I feel terrible about it. But, I've been sick, with the flu, and I've done nothing but lay on the couch and feel horrible for the last 3 or 4 days. So, I've neglected my blog, my work and my family. Sorry! That explains why I missed last weeks' Thursday Thirteen and I've felt guilty about this since Thursday. But, what can a girl do?

I had planned on doing 13 New Years' Resolutions for this last Thursday Thirteen, so I'm going to go ahead and do that now. What do you think? Ah, it doesn't matter, I'm gonna do it anyway. :O) Yes, I know, I'm a doll.

Mikala's 2007 New Years' Resolutions:

  1. Lose weight (who doesn't have this on their list?)
  2. Learn German so that I don't feel horrible the next time I visit Germany
  3. Exercise daily ( I guess this kind of goes with number 1, but not really)
  4. Finish the upstairs of my house (meaning refinish both bathrooms, finish painting the doors, finish the touch-up paint in the kitchen and paint the spare bedroom)
  5. Clean out the backyard and get rid of anything that is old and rusty
  6. Get a new fence
  7. Clean out the basement and sell or throw away anything that hasn't been used in the last year
  8. Paint the exterior of the house
  9. Go the entire year without a sick day at work (I feel ridiculously guilty about being sick this past week)
  10. No more internet at work (I feel incredibly guilty about that as well - I spend way too much time on the internet at work - so that means I won't be around during the day anymore)
  11. Pay off all of my credit cards and cut up all but one to use for emergencies
  12. Get more serious about my blog (don't just post for the sake of posting - actually journalize my life)
  13. Get my home office organized

Now, those are in no particular order, but I really want to get all of those things done. So, any help that can be thrown my way would be greatly appreciated. Now, I know there's not much any of you could do to help me other than just support me, so that's more than sufficient.


Skittles said...

Good luck with all those.. pace yourself and save time for blogging.

Mikala said...

Now, Skits, you know blogging is #1 right? :0)

Happy New Year!