Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Reporting Bad Drivers

So, I found this website called Platewire that allows you to report bad drivers or morons that drive under the speed limit in the passing lane!

You all know how much I hate slow drivers - but I sincerely doubt I'll even remember that someone pissed me off by the time I get home (so I doubt I'll use this website). But, the fun part is reading all the whiners on the website whine about people whipping around them, yada yada yada. But, I'm almost certain my license plate may be on this website eventually - I do tend to cut off slow drivers in the passing lane (I do it on purpose). I'm sorry, I'm flat out of patience.

But anyway, one individual described a woman as "sawed off". I thought that was hilarious - mean - but hilarious.

Take a look at the website - heck, make sure your license plate isn't listed. There's one PD in a small town that prints this report off every morning to watch the cars of the individuals listed.



Chris said...

Perhaps we can put the GPS panties & Platewire together & set up a lady driver early warning system to get out of the way.

(Runs for cover)

I linked back to you! Don't hit me!


Mikala said...

LOL But, you might have something there - go for it, you could be rich!

I won't hit you, I'll just think about it! :0)

Chris said...

It's funny, but when I posted about Platewire on my blog, I noted that ti was a US company, & said perhaps I can get rich by setting up a UK version. 25 minutes later the CEO left a comment on my blog saying they were already doing it!!!

He was very nice, I just thought hew was watching me through the internet ;-)

Thanks for not hitting me..