Tuesday, January 30, 2007

American Idol

So, I'm sittin' here watching Idol and I've just been wondering if we've seen the Idol yet this year. Do you guys think we've seen him/her yet?

Okay, so do you guys agree with the press, are the judges being outright mean this year? I can't see where they're being any different. I know everyone's up in arms over the whole "bush baby" comment, but come on, ya had to laugh, right? I laughed, then I felt bad. For one, the guy didn't remind me of a "bush baby" (what exactly is a "bush baby"?), he reminded me of that half human/half sheep? creature on Narnia. Apparently, I'm just as bad as the judges. Seriously though, am I the only one that laughs at their ignorant arse comments?

UPDATE: HOLY HAIR!! I say that girl belonged on Broadway instead of AI. I think she could do very well on Broadway.

Well, I have a busy week this week. I've been walking still (losing weight) and tomorrow night, Koko has an appointment with the Vet (her yearly checkup). Then, Thursday, I have to go back to the eye doctor and then I get my hair cut and highlighted. And, Friday, I guess Koko and I will just walk. Then, Saturday, Koko has an appointment with the Groomer (she needs it soooo bad). That evening, if I get my Beanie back in time, I'm supposed to go out to eat and to Bingo with my friend from work (and some of her friends). Yes, I know, younger folks aren't supposed to go to Bingo, but I'm strange because I like that kind of stuff. Alright, fine, I'll admit, I've never actually been to a Bingo session, but it sounds fun to me and what can it hurt? I could win some frickin' money here people. Just think...single girl with baby dog, house and bills...do you know what that means? It means I have to take the chance to get some money any time I can. Right? Finally, I may just be free Sunday, which means I can clean and do laundry. With the breakup I have to keep myself busy or I'll overanalyze the situation and I'll drive myself crazy.

Alright, I gotta focus all of my attention on Idol and then on House (is that man sexy or is it just me - maybe it's his voice, or his arrogance, or his limp?)

Talk to ya lata!


Jen!! said...

dude, that guy really DOES look like a bushbaby. seriously. do a google image search for "bush baby" and you will see a wide-eyed little creature that looks like a cute-version of that guy.

i always watch the AI auditions because they are HILarious, but i stop watching during the actual competition. i dunno, i'm just not interested in people who don't suck i guess.

i always picture myself doing an audition (because i think i can sing, i guess) and being made fun of just as bad as those guys. i would be horrified. that is why i would NEVER try out!

duh, don't these morons ever watch the damn show?? and didn't they ever take voice lessons? when your voice coach starts weeping uncontrollably, it's NOT because you sing like Whitney Houston (pre-coke whitney) and have touched their soul. it's because you sing like a mongoose (or Paris Hilton) and have made them mentally ill.

Skittles said...

I think Paula is on drugs or drunk.. isn't she acting strange??? Simon seems about the same.

Linlee said...

I laugh too and then I feel bad. But these people know what they are walking into.
Laugh away!

star8278 said...

Ok, I am glad to be back in the loop!

I did the same thing with my appearance, starting curling it EVERY morning and even had my eyebrows waxed.

Did you like bingo? I used to go with my mom and it was fun.