Saturday, January 13, 2007

Brat Pack Member Spews N-Word!?

So, brat packer, Anthony Michael Hall, was signing some autographs and posing for some pictures outside Laugh Factory (the comedy club in which good old Michael Richards went on his tirade) and was overheard using the N-word twice.

For more of the story and to see the video, go to

When? When are people going to learn? Didn't he learn anything from the Michael Richards fiasco? Granted, Hall, was using the word a little more light-heartedly than Richards, but do you think we should be expecting a public apology?

Maybe he CAN touch people and see the future afterall...

I know this may be an uncalled for question, but what do you all think of ANYONE using the N-word?


Skittles said...

It's nasty. In my house, with my kids, it was worse than the F word.

Mike said...

It just goes to show how some people think. I just wish no one would use that word.

Jen!! said...

i don't like it, no matter who uses it.