Saturday, January 13, 2007

James King

On January 3rd, a friend of the family (an elderly woman) was robbed in her own home. She lives in South St. Louis City (yes, this can attribute to the Most Dangerous City nod we recently acquired) and a man knocked on her door and asked to use her phone. Then, I don't remember what else happened, but eventually he asked for her purse and she gave it to him. I believe he shoved her and left. She, being the sweetheart she is, said he was actually polite.

Well, they caught the man (to the left - James King) that did this to her and it turns out he was wanted for four separate attacks on elderly women all in their homes. He was charged with rape, attempted rape, sodomy, kidnapping and stealing. All of the victims lived within a few blocks of each other in south St. Louis.

I'm just so happy that this man didn't assault, rape or harm our family friend. She was very lucky. I happen to think it was because she didn't give him any trouble, she just gave him her purse and was nice to him. I think fighting him may have made him angry and that may have been what led to the other sexual assaults.
For more information in this case, please read this or this.


Skittles said...

Oh my lord...

Twisted Sister said...

I'm glad they caught the sucker! Nobody is safe anywhere anymore and it pisses me off.

I'm so very glad that your family friend wasn't harmed!