Monday, January 22, 2007

Most Pathetic, Boring Life

I have been so pathetically bored lately and I can't even think of things to talk about. I've been completely engrossed in the whole Ben Ownby/Shawn Hornbeck/Michael Devlin case. I've been reading every article and I've been talking about it nonstop at work. What is my problem? Why I am so nosey regarding this case? I'm one of those pathetic people that wants to know exactly what happened. Does that make me just as sick as the alleged kidnapper, Devlin? Please say, "No". Ugh.

J comes home from New York tomorrow and I have another appointment with the eye doctor. I have to drive all the way back out there to tell the doctor if I like the new contacts or not - isn't that a little crappy? Why can't I just call the guy? I guess I should be happy that he's concerned enough to want to see me.

Do you guys watch Ugly Betty? I LOVE Ugly Betty and I've been watching it since Day 1. My point you ask? Betty Suarez (America Ferrera's character - the title character) has her own website where you can learn about Betty, see her resume, she can give you career advice and you can see and learn about her friends and family. I just found it and I kinda like it! It's cute and her resume is actually a very nice resume. Check it out - and if you don't watch the show, check that out too. It's on Thursday nights at 7:00.

Okay...I promise to come up with something more interesting soon and I think I might take some pictures this weekend...I need to take more pictures. I'm going to remodel our bathroom (it's a total wreck) within the next month or so (or I'm going to try to) and I'll take some before and afters.


star8278 said...

I love, love Ugly Betty. I missed it last week and feel like I am totally out of the loop. Can't wait to see your new pics!

Mikala said...

Oh I hate that - but if you want updates, let me know - I'll let you know what's going on.

Linlee said...

I'm addiction to the Shawn/ Ben thing too.
Good luck with your bathroom project!

Reba said...

I love Ugly Betty. I am gonna have to check out that site.

Reba said...

Oh and if you miss an episode just go to You can watch them all there with limited comercials.