Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ass Hats Part 2: Ass Hats In The News

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Now, to show my undeniable support of what the blog!? and the Ass Hat Awards, I am posting my Ass Hat In The News story. But, before you freak out - I am not eligible to win any cool awards or buttons. So calm yo-self! It's too fun to pass up, so I'm participating! So, here it goes. I copied and pasted the article below or you could just follow this link.

P&G not in league with the Devil: court

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Procter and Gamble Co. does not worship Satan, according to a US court ruling that revolves around a decades-old urban myth targeting the world's biggest consumer goods company.

P&G said late Monday it had won 19.25 million dollars in a civil suit brought against four former distributors of direct-selling company Amway who were accused of spreading false rumors.

Last Friday's jury award in Salt Lake City represents the latest in a long line of court battles between P&G and Amway over the devil-worshipping claim, which has taken on new currency in the Internet era.

"This is about protecting our reputation," Jim Johnson, P&G's chief legal officer, said in a statement.

"We will take appropriate legal measures when competitors unfairly undermine the reputation of our brands or our company," he said.

The former distributors were accused of rehashing a rumor that dates from at least 1981, to the effect that P&G is in league with the Devil.

According to the false urban legend, the global company's logo contains a "666" symbol, its bosses have appeared on television talk shows to declare their love of Beelzebub, and part of its profits go to the Church of Satan.

Amway, part of the Alticor Inc. group of companies, direct retails products like consumer goods through independent sellers in more than 80 countries.

Amway has itself been forced to debunk accusations that its business model amounts to little more than a "get rich quick" pyramid-selling scheme.

Okay...are these people serious? I mean, have you guys ever heard this urban legend? And - P&G gets $19.25 million over a "rumor"!?!?!?! Y'all need to start spreading rumors that I worship satan. I prefer a billion dollar company start spreading the rumor about me so that I can bank a cool $19.25 million! I'm just amazed that the rumor actually spread...I mean, come on! What would make someone believe that Procter & Gamble truly worshipped satan?

I wanna see the "666" in the logo - anyone have a picture of it?

I'm not too sure who the real Ass Hat In The News is with this story. I mean, ya got Amway for spreading a retarded rumor, then you have the courts for awarding $19.25 million to P&G, and finally you got P&G whining because people actually spread a "RUMOR" about them. I say they all are pretty Ass Hatted, but y'all can decide for yourself.

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Reba said...

I tried to find the logo and all I could find was a small picture of their original logo. It looks like the man in the moon with stars. It was too small to see if there was 666 in it.