Friday, March 30, 2007

Ass Hats Part 3: Ass Hats at Work

First and foremost, get over to what the blog!? and join the coolest community online! Then, once you join, you will be able to participate in the coolest community activity online - Ass Hat Awards!

As usual, I'm not eligible to win any nifty awards, but I'm certainly eligible to write about Ass Hats and that's what I'm doing!

This week's theme is Ass Hats at Work. I have so many stories to tell, but since I can't really think of any of them right now, I'll write about the one thing that has bothered me the most in the 6 years I've worked here.

One rainy morning I was walking from the parking lot to the main entrance of our complex of buildings- this is about half a mile (no kidding). Well, it's not unusual for the men that work here to run full force towards the doors so that they can avoid holding it for any women. I'm so not lying...they truly do this. And, they don't just do it to ugly girls, they do it to ALL women. Now, I'll be honest and admit that there are a FEW men that will hold the door for women - and when I say, "FEW", I really mean about 3 or so. That's 3 men out of a company with 7000 employees! Anyway...on this particularly rainy morning, I'm walking in with umbrella in tow. As I'm walking, I see this guy look at me, looks at another girl and almost runs full speed to the doors.

As I look over at the other girl, I quickly notice that she has her hands and arms full. She was carrying a crock pot in her left arm, a box and umbrella in her right arm and she had a tote bag and purse hanging off of her left shoulder. This poor girl was struggling. He finally passes her up and opens the door for himself. This girl starts to try to speed up so that she won't have to open the door and she can just get in right after this guy. Well, he noticed her and he went through the door and didn't hold it for her. And, naturally it closed right in front of her - she was within 2 feet of the door when it closed. She had been defeated. But, it wasn't over.

I thought, "fine, maybe he was in a hurry". But, once he gets in the front door, he stops at the guard's desk and starts talking to the guards! This guy ran to chit chat - actually, he ran so he wouldn't have to open or hold the door for this girl! So, since I was headed toward another door at about the same time this girl was, I yelled over to her to hang on and I'll get the door for her. So, I ran over and opened the door for her. She was so grateful and I felt so bad for her. So, I offered to shake her umbrella out and close it. She was so sweet and really appreciated the help. So, we pass the guard's desk, show our badges in which she had to pull out of a pocket and I hear something small hit the ground. I look over at her and you can just see the flustered look on her face. She had lost a button! So, I quickly find the button and pick it up. She didn't have any open hands, so she asked me to shove it in her purse - I quickly obliged. Finally, I was on my way to my office as was she. The Ass Hat of a man was where, you ask? He was still at the guard's desk chit chatting!

So, I hereby nominate JERKHOLE as the biggest Ass Hat at Work ever!


Lisa said...

WOw. That sucks. Now I'm wondering where you work...

Oh and in case you check this? I don't have my cell phone. Grrr. So if you need to, just call me tomorra. You can get my number from Linlee. Plus? I need to get your email address.

Hope to see you!

Lisa said...

So glad your back in "public" with your blog. Very cool.

Jen!! said...

Oh my god, what a stupid asshead. What is WRONG with the guys in your complex!?

Edward Wolf said...

Although I don't doubt you, I somehow can't picture anyplace where people are so cold they won't hold the door for one another. You must live in Boston.

However, I would also like to point out that it may not be rudeness, but self defense. With women anymore, it's difficult to do the right thing. While most women will thank you for opening the door for them, a few will consider it a chauvinist act and castrate you for it.