Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Pee-Pee Room

So my dad, mom, nephew and I all worked all weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and we're almost done with the bathroom. I don't have any pictures yet, but I promise I'll have some by this weekend (when we plan on finishing the bathroom altogether). It's going to be sooo nice when it's done. I can't frickin' wait.

On Sunday, I got my hair cut and highlighted too - yes, it was a busy weekend. It looks cute, but I've been so tired that I haven't gotten up early to fix it for the last two days, so I'm bummin'.

My poor little puppeh has been sick. For the last two nights, I've been awaken by her gagging and throwing up - at about 2:30 in the morning! So, I stay up for a while and rub her belly and make sure she feels better before I go back to sleep. Finally, this morning she threw up some huge chunk-a-crap! I didn't know what it was; all I know is that I cleaned it up with one of my old St. Louis Cardinals towels and threw the towel away! I didn't even want to bother washing it. :0) I will just guess that it's either something she grabbed from out in the yard or part of a Dingo.

Oh yeah, she eats those little bones (called Dingos) and I've discovered that she does what I call the "Dingo Dance" every time she gets a new one. She hops around it in circles while it's laying on the floor, she lunges at it and she barks and growls at it. It's too frickin' cute. I wish I could get it on video and put it up here for you guys to see. Maybe I'll try that some day.

Ummm...I suppose that's all I got for now...

It's really depressing that I have absolutely nothing to talk about - I gotta start coming up with something interesting or you guys will leave me!


Twisted Sister said...

Firstly, I'm sorry Beanie has been sick. :( My baby girl (dog) puked up some unbelievable shit this past Friday and girl I gagged as I cleaned it up and then tossed the towel I used.

Please show a picture of your new hair-do. I know it looks great!

Btw....You are stuck with us. You are interesting no matter what you write.

Jen!! said...

I'm not leaving!!! :)

Hey, I wanna see your hair too. :D and the new pee room, lol. If it's anything like the other decor of your house, I bet it's very cool.


Ireland said...

I hope Beanie is feeling better.
I want to see her do the "Dingo Dance" lol too cute =)
Charlie just kills me with his cuteness! He's my lil' angel!
All this talk about contaminated dog and cat food just makes me wanna cry. =(

I wanna see the new doo too! Oh and the new "crapper" lol
I bet it looks great! I have been doing so much re-modeling at my house too.
It takes foooororrreeeeevvvaaaa!!!
But, it's well worth the wait...and did I mention, MONEY!