Monday, May 14, 2007

***WARNING: Baseball Talk Ahead***

Okay, I have been good and I haven't been writing much about the Cardinals lately and that's only because we aren't doing anything this season. We pretty much collapsed after winning the World Series.

After a LOT of agony in the last couple of months, I finally heard where one of our tenured players is as fed up with our lack of performance as I am. I love this man, I wear his jersey to lots of the games and I love what he has been saying. Read this article and tell me he's not an awesome Vet to have on any team!

Let me take this opportunity to tell the Cards to start from scratch. Start over TODAY. We're in LA playing the Dodgers - let's start playing like I know we can! I know, absolutely KNOW we can do it. Just wake up, pay attention and play ball!

LET'S GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!! It's time to rally, so turn those caps and let's GIT. R. DONE!!!


Star8278 said...

Wow, you are so passionate about them! I love it!

I used to be that way about NASCAR, but these days I really don't have any sports enthusiasm.

Sending some vibes to your team!!!

Mikala said...

Yeah, and we actually won last night!!!!

Your vibes must have worked!

Lisa said...

You crack me up. If anyone should be the team butt patter, its YOU. :-)

Reba said...

The only baseball I am watching has 6 year olds swinging away and not paying attention in the outfield.

Hope the cards do better.