Monday, September 27, 2004

Gotta Love Those Sneaky Catholics!

I told you I'd be back...but I just checked my emails and found this and I love it!!

John Kerry was scheduled to appear at the Catholic National Cathedral outside Washington as part of his campaign. Before the day Kerry was to show up, a top Kerry staffer made a visit to the Cardinal and said to him, "We've been getting a lot of bad publicity among Catholics because of Kerry's position on abortion and the like. We'd gladly make a contribution to the church of $1,000,000 if during your sermon you'd say 'John Kerry is a saint'."

The Cardinal thinks it over for a few moments and finally (painfully) says, "The Church is in desperate need of funds and I will agree to do it.

"Kerry smugly shows up looking especially confident that day and, as the Mass progresses, the Cardinal begins his homily.

"John Kerry is a petty, self absorbed hypocrite and a nitwit. He is a liar, a cheat, and the lowest kind of snake ever to be inflicted on the American people. He wrote a book and portrayed himself in the best light even though he was a traitor to his fellow vets and his country. He has lied about his military record and had the gall to put himself several medals. He married for money and is using it to repeatedly lie in order to get elected.He is the worst example of a Catholic I've ever personally known. But compared to Ted Kennedy, John Kerry is a saint."

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