Friday, September 29, 2006

3 More To Go & Friday Finally

Okay, so the Cards lost last night, that leaves us 3 more games. We're still hangin' in there, but I would have been happy to widen our lead. Oh well.

I'm so glad it's Friday, I'm very ready for the weekend. I will be watching my parents' lovely dog this weekend. His name is Baxter - well, this is him:
Actually, he's the one on the right. The one on the left is Puff, my dog that my parents had to put to sleep ON MY BIRTHDAY, WHILE I WAS IN HAWAII. God, I miss that dog. Anyway...back to dogsitting. My parents have a doggie door, so I'm just waiting to count how many times Baxter will go "potty" in my friggin' house! Plus, Koko sleeps with us, on our bed. Baxter usually sleeps downstairs, in the kitchen, at my parents' house. I'm guessing he's going to want to sleep with us at our house since Koko does. So, it will be a crowded bed for the weekend. J, me, Koko and Baxter - at least we should be warm! Eh, it doesn't matter, Baxter is such a cutie and he's not too bad. I can't expect him to tell me when he needs to go outside when he has a doggie door at his house. I'll be fine.

You know, I absolutely LOVE fall weather (my favorite season by far), but it's a killa for the allergies! So, J and I went to Walgreen's to buy some Claritin-D (which is behind the pharmacy counter). So, I grab the card and hand it to the lady telling her what I want. She continues to ask for my license. The problem you ask? Well, when J and I go to the baseball games, he usually carries my license and lip gloss in his pocket so I don't have to carry a purse. Remember we went to the game Wednesday night? Well, J laid my license on the kitchen table Wednesday night after the game and I just threw it in the front pocket on my purse. Well, apparently, when I put my purse in my drawer here at work, my license fell out. So, I'm sitting at the pharmacy counter with the complete contents of my purse strewn about, looking for my license because I KNEW I threw it in my purse. After emptying my purse and searching for a good 5 minutes, I tell J to just give the lady his license. That's when J pulls out his passport because he got a speeding ticket (they take your license sometimes). Okay,whatever. Who carries a passport around? I guess a guy without a license. Anyway, so, I rolled my eyes and got an attitude because people always give you trouble when you offer up a passport for ID (why I don't know, since a passport is a federally-issued form of ID and a license is just state-issued and easier to counterfeit. But what do I know?). So, the girl looks all bewildered when J hands her his passport. She says, "I don't think we can take that". J says, "It's a federally-issued ID, how can you NOT take it?" So, while I'm sneezing and sniffling, she reluctantly asks her supervisor if they take passports and guess what - of course they take passports! So, after the Spanish Inquisition, I got my Claritin-D and guess what. IT'S NOT EVEN HELPING!!! UGH!

But, I'm happy to say I found my license laying in my drawer here at work this morning! You know, it'd be nice if all the ice/meth heads would stop using medicine to make their crap so that I can go into a Walgreen's and buy it without being interrogated. I guess that's what I get for living in Missouri, the state with the most iceheads! Well, at least we used to be the capital, I think we're dropping in the ranks though.

Let's see what else - OHHHH! With all the season premieres, I completely forgot about E.R. until I saw it last night. I forgot how much I love that show. We watched last night and I'm very happy that Abby and her insane mother are getting along. I'm also very happy that the baby seems to be okay. And, can I just say, Armand Assante is the sexiest old guy in the world - okay, next to Sean Connery. So, that's just something else I'm going to have to TiVo! Man!

I guess I'll try to get some work done now - I downloaded a bunch of songs to my iPod and I'm ready to "whistle while I work". I did find out last night that I think my favorite decade for music was the 60's. Just wanted to throw that in there.

Oh, most importantly, we had an employee death yesterday. I just want to take the time out to tell the family that my thoughts and prayers are with them. It has to be impossibly tough to kiss your husband goodbye for work and for him never to return. God Bless.

I assume I'll be back at some point today - so 'til then!

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