Monday, October 30, 2006


First off, I know this is late, but my weekend was a little crazy!


Okay, so, if you haven't heard by now, the St. Louis Cardinals won their 10th World Series in franchise history Friday night (second most World Series wins behind the New York Yankees and most in the National League)! The score was 4-2 over the Detroit Tigers. J and I had the BESTEST time in the world Friday night and if I could I would relive that night once every week. The last time the Cardinals won the World Series was when I was just turning 5 in 1982 and I don't really remember it. This one, I'll remember forever! Plus, it's the first time since 1923 that the Kings of baseball could celebrate in a new palace. That's definitely an awesome "housewarming" gift! I am a little hoarse this morning and have been since Saturday morning. I screamed so loud, I thought my vocal chords were going to jump right out of my throat!

First and foremost, Anthony Reyes started the World Series off with a win and I think he deserves some hoots and hollers! GO ANTHONY REYES!!!

You know what? I love that Albert Pujols didn't do everything on his own - it showed that we worked together as a team and didn't ride on his shoulders. But, he did make an awesome catch and release at first base Friday night. He rolled onto his back and threw the ball to Weaver (who ran to first) while laying on his back. It was a great play and I was so happy because at first I thought, "who is he gonna throw it to?" - I didn't see Weaver running to first. Fantasmo!

And, speaking of Weaver, how 'bout that guy? The poor guy was counted out by the Angels and replaced by his younger brother, Jared, when the Cardinals picked him up. I was so proud and happy for him since he was the winning pitcher of the clincher game! He was definitely a Dream Weaver that night. WEA-VER! WEA-VER! WEA-VER! I believe he pitched 7 or 8 innings that night - that's awesome for a World Series game. I would have loved to have seen him pitch a whole game, but he did so well, I guess they wanted to preserve that.

The above pic is Catcher Yadier Molina, Pitcher Jeff Weaver and Pitching Coach Dave Duncan before the start of the game.

Um, Chris Duncan (Dave Duncan's kid) kinda ticked me off, but I knew he wasn't much on the field - he's more of a bat for us. He dropped a few key balls - but we still won, so I won't rip him a new one....if we would have lost, that would have been another story. Yeah, he dropped this ball...I wish he would have just let Jimmy catch it, but oh well.

What about my man, Wainwright? Now, I'll admit that last inning was rough for me - but he did it, he pulled us through to win the World Series! I love that guy! He's such a cutie too. He's a great closer and saver, I hope we hang on to him - I think he could be great, and I don't want Izzy back!

After we won, where we sit in the left field bleachers, they had a good five minutes worth of fireworks right behind us and it was great - but impossible to scream over! I think I hugged about 15 strangers and even told a few people I loved them - but the truth is, I loved everyone that night. I even high-fived a Detroit fan, who was very gracious I might add. He stayed for the dancing and the partying, he even cheered. Oh yeah, it was Superman (you know, the guy that fell face first down the stairs on Thursday night)! Idiot.

Eckstein, whom I've nicknamed, "Little Man" (only because that's all anyone talks about when they talk about Eck), won MVP of the World Series and won a nice, yellow Chevy Corvette (his first new car ever). I believe he won because of a few key hits that we needed to win the games. He even broke his bat in Game 5 - go Little Man!

They had a parade yesterday, but I figure I didn't have to go since I was at the game and already saw the World Series and MVP trophies handed out after the game. Plus, J left for Texas yesterday. But, I looked around and found a couple pics of the parade, see below. Man, I love those Clydesdales! Beautimus! Look at all those people and our gorgeous, new stadium!

So, is Suppan (the guy in the black shirt) friggin' hot or what???? Hand him over!!!

I don't really know what else to say, because it's a whole 3 days later! But...



Reba said...

I went to the parade and had seats inside for the Rally. Freaking crazy. We got there a little before one and the place was packed. There was no getting near the street to see the parade. I swear people must have gotten there at 8am.

Reba said...

Oh and Happy Birthday!!

Dixiechick said...

OH YEAH!!!! I sure wish that I had found you earlier!