Friday, October 27, 2006

World Series Game 4: Cards 5, Tigers 4

GO CRAZY FOLKS, GO CRAZY! We did, oh man, we did. What an awesome game!

I am lovin' life this morning (well, except for the monstrous headache I have)! Last night was a great game. I must admit I was bummed when they were up 3-0, but I just snapped that mentality out of my head and said to myself, "we're gonna take this game, we have 6-7 more innings". And, boy did we take it! Yeah, it's only a one-run game, but a win's a win!

I think Detroit's Bonderman did a great job at pitching and I think Suppan did alright. I think he could have done better, but he sure didn't let it get messy - he controlled it. God, do I love Adam Wainwright. I am so comfortable when he walks out to the mound. I told J last night that I'm starting to feel as comfortable with him walking to the mound as I do when Carp is scheduled to start.

I'm not really in the mood to give you all a play-by-play of the game last night because it was too crazy. But, let me just say, Little Man (David Eckstein) came through last night and I was happy to see that. After he missed catching a few balls on the infield, I was kinda mad at him (J and I aren't big Eckstein fans). I told J that he owes us and the second I said that he doubled.

Preston Wilson had a big hit and an awesome catch - way to go Pookie!

Oh, and we were down 3-2 and I told the guys (J and the guys we sit around) that I was going to the bathroom so we could get a run. Apparently, we can only do something great when I'm in the bathroom and can't see what happened. So, I left and I swear I wasn't even out to the concourse when Eckstein scored on Rodney's error with So Taguchi. I knew if I went to the bathroom we could do this. We did!

Okay, I have too much of a headache to even think...but, let's see what else.

Oh, I have to tell you all about a Detroit fan that lives here in St. Louis and has St. Louis Season Tickets. He wore Cardinals gear all the way up until the World Series and then he started wearing his Tigers gear. Well, last night, when they were up by 3, he kept screaming that "the Supp [soup] is cold tonight"! I was boiling inside, but didn't say anything (I'm a sore loser and very competitive - I'll admit it). Then, shortly thereafter, when we tied it up, he started shaking up his bottles of beer and spraying them at us. I didn't really mind, but come on. Finally, when we were up 4-3, he was running up and down the stairs in the bleachers and went flying head first into the concrete. He didn't get hurt and I did feel a little better after that - isn't that horrible of me? I feel bad for even being that way, but that's me. Then, he came up to me and said, "did you see me wipe out? I was like Superman" - ooookay. In the end, I think he slightly spoiled a few friendships with those of us that have season tickets around him. The reason I say that is because he broke/ripped the hat (a 1982 World Champions hat) of the guy that sits next to us. They all say it was an accident, but still. Oh well...I'll get over it and I'll be chit chattin' with the guy tonight - maybe.

Dusty Baker, the ex-Cubs Manager (so obviously a rival of ours), is a Sports Analyst and he was there with Chris Berman of ESPN. He sat directly above us in a pressbox type thing. He kept standing up and waving - we were giving him so much crap, I find it hard to believe he couldn't hear all the comments. I guess that's his problem. Oh, and, it was great because when we turned the game around and started winning Chris Berman was all swinging his imaginary bat, clapping, waving his arms and cheering for the Cardinals. I love it! J has a certain fondness of Chris Berman because, back in the old stadium (before I met J), Berman gave him the nickname "Mr. Balloon Head". Apparently, J was at a game (which we actually have this all on video) with his frat buddies and went diving into the "grassy knoll" in the right field bleachers to catch a ball. Now, you know those balloon hats that clowns make for kids at birthday parties? Yeah, J had one of those on when he dove for the ball. When he came up from the "grassy knoll" with "Balloon Head" still intact, Chris Berman started calling him "Mr. Balloon Head" on the news and ESPN. I believe it was on TV a few times. Maybe I can get the video online somehow and I'll load it on here. Anyway...I may have rambled too much today and I've left you with too few I'm headed to lunch.



Twisted Sister said...

LOVED that game!!!

Reba said...

I would have died laughing when that guy took a nose dive into the concrete. I actually laughed out loud about the superman thing. So funny.

I only caught a little bit of the game cause I need my beauty sleep. I will be out tonight, so maybe I will catch it at the bar.

Go Cards!

Twisted Sister said...

Did you make it to the parade?