Monday, October 30, 2006

Baseball Talk Over Until April

Okay guys, baseball talk is officially over until April - well, I might talk about a few key trades when that starts, but we'll see.

Happy Birthday to me!! Happy Birthday to me!! Happy Birthday Dear Mikala!! Happy Birthday to me!! I will turn 29 at 10:11 pm tonight (I refuse to admit I'm 29 until 10:11 exactly). J and I went out to eat with B and L Saturday evening and we had a good time. B and L got me a baseball calendar for my desk (it's really cute, I gotta get a pic of it on here). It's red, it says "take me out to the ball game" on it, you stick the month and the numbers in the open squares and then there's a baseball sitting on top. Wow, I guess I never realized how hard it would be to explain this thing...but it's super cute! They also got me a red, sequined pen (I love pens)! THANK YOU GUYS!!

J left for Texas Sunday afternoon - he'll be gone for two months. I was kinda bummed that he had to leave for my birthday, but it's for work. I'll miss him a ton - our baby, Koko (puppy), already misses him. I had to buy a pre-lit Christmas Tree yesterday because I can't do all of that by myself. I have so much to do with our first house and the holidays and the fact that he's not here makes it all just that much more overwhelming. Oh well - I'll live, right?

Speaking of Koko, I've now realized that it's impossible to get a picture of this dog - she DOES NOT sit still long enough. I'm still tryin' though.

Let's see...what else is going on...I don't know, I have a couple memes I gotta do - as soon as I get caught up (my life was pretty much on hold for the NLCS and the World Series), I'll post my answers.

I guess that's it...for NOW.


Linlee said...

Happy Birthday! Next year is the big 30...yeah yeah yeah I know I'll be 30 before you...

Jen said...

Happy Birthday!!! Woot!

Michelle said...

I know, I have one year...ugh! Eh, I don't feel too bad about 30, now when we get around 40, I'll start worrying. :0)

Thank you Jen!

Twisted Sister said...

Happy belated birthday girly! ;)

I was okay with 30 but damn when 40 came around........I got so damned depressed. That was almost 3 years ago. God, I'm getting old! *mad*