Monday, October 30, 2006

Ten Miyyion Dolla!

Okay, so technically speaking, I wasn't specifically tagged for this, but I like it. Jen had it on her blog and I grabbed it, she said I could - so don't yell at me for copying! It gives me a chance to go on about how I would NEVER hurt an animal! :0)

For ten million dollars, would you run over a dog with your car?
HELL NO!!!!! You could put a human and dog down and I'd run over the human! Yes, I'm an antisocial personality and should probably be in prison - but God, I love me some animals! I would LOVE to meet any person that would say yes to this, really...come on, show yourselves! I dare you!

For ten million dollars, would you cheat on your sweetheart with his / her best friend?
Nope, that'd just be weird from then on. Besides, don't they call sleeping with someone for money, "prostitution"?

For ten million dollars, would you allow someone to amputate both your legs?
Nah, I don't think so...I rather enjoy my legs!

For ten million dollars, would you frame someone you already dislike for a heinous crime?
Okay, Jen, here is someone you know that is saying, "yes" to one of these questions - but, yeah, I'd frame someone I already dislike for $10 million - why the hell not? Then I could send a postcard to "Post Secret" saying that someone is in prison for 20 years for something I did. Can you imagine the Karma attached to that? I'd be screwed, but I'd be rich too!

For ten million dollars, would you give up sex for life?
Is this a serious question?

For ten million dollars, would you spike everyone's drink with LSD at Thanksgiving?
Ummm...LOL that makes me laugh thinking about it, but no I'd never do it, not even for $10 million. But, I can see my mom and dad now..."Mikala, why does your face look like a Kaleidoscope?" LOL Oh man...funny stuff.

For ten million dollars, would you eat three big bowls of live spiders?
Nope - I am 100,000,000% positive on this one. I've seen Fear Factor too many times to not have thought about this extensively.

For ten million dollars, would you say really racist things in public, every day, for the rest of your life?

For ten million dollars, would you answer a bunch of questions on your blog?
LOL I answer a bunch of retarded questions for nothing on my blog everyday - so of course, I'd take a cool $10 million! Hand it over beeotchs!


Lisa said...

When I saw the Cards had won the series, I thought of you! :-)

Michelle said...

I think that might be the best compliment ever! :0)