Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dream Weaver and Pookie Wilson


Last night proved to be one of the best games I had been to in recent years (excluding 2004's NLCS Game 7 win). We had the best time and the fans finally brought their spirit last night - wild, wild crowd.

The bullpen was on fire last night, we were bound and determined. Obviously, I've grown great confidence in Weaver, and he is more impressive in every postseason game I see. His only glitch was Jose Valentin's two-run double - but the bullpen stopped it there. Josh Kinney even came to fight last night and I was glad to see that. But, let me just say, I love Adam Wainwright. Wainwright is another guy that I believe in wholeheartedly. Our bullpen was able to keep the Mets' best hitters at bay (Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado and that wily little Jose Reyes) and that is huge.

Albert Pujols finally broke out of his slump (I didn't buy the whole "his hamstring is injured" thing - I think it was just another classic TLR mind game). TLR is known for his mind games and that makes him one of the 5 best Managers of all time (per J).

I was so happy to see that we weren't scared of their "underhanded" pitcher, Bradford, last night. That guy can throw some crazy pitches and it's hard to figure out where they're going - but I think we got him figured out. I don't think Glavine showed up last night, I think he let his team down. Sometimes things are just meant to be.

Since we have our season tickets in the left field bleachers, we have gotten pretty close to a few of the other season ticket holders there. Well, the guy that sits to the left of us (on my side) has got to be one of the funniest guys there. He was running up and down the bleachers waving at all the cameras, dry-humping anyone he could find and rubbing it in to the [two, count 'em two] Mets fans. Anyway, when Aaron Miles came up, I said, "now he can do something, I like him" and they both laughed at me and told me I was nuts. He, most definitely, got a hit - no RBI, but a hit no less.

My final "hats off" goes to Preston (aka Pookie - my own nickname for him since his stepdad is Mookie Wilson) Wilson! He broke our tie with his one-run double! Thank ya!

We headed back to New York for Game 6 tonight at Shea. Probable pitchers are Chris Carpenter and Josh Maine. I can see the Mets changing their pitcher though (even though they have no one else to throw in). I doubt we'll change ours since we're counting on clinching the National League Championship tonight. We have a 3-2 Series lead and the odds are that we'll clinch it tonight. Since 1985, teams with a 3-2 series lead are 10-5 in the National League Championship Series. Sounds good to me, but I still say we're takin' it tonight! Detroit here we come!

And, one more thing...Joe Buck can KISS. MY. ASS!!

This may be my favorite article that I've read so far. It's so true, if you were a Mets fan at this game, it would have been hard to walk away without becoming a Cards fan. Our team and our fans were ecstatic!

And this guy is total beeotch! This 83-game winning, bumbling team is beating his precious Mets and he's pissed off about it. Give me a friggin' break. Cry me a river. Naturally, it's all because Pedro Martinez is injured and because of the rain delays (that supposedly helped our injured stars). "The 2006 Mets will always be a better team than the 2006 Cardinals..." - sure doesn't seem like it. I'm surprised he didn't throw in a "the umps removed the strike zone" for good measure! Fehgele!!!


Lisa said...

Now when I see the Cards, I think of you!

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