Friday, October 13, 2006

True Husband Confessions?

You know that blog, True Wife Confessions? I think it's a magnificent idea (genius really), but I think that might be the scariest blog I've ever read. With each confession I read, I get sicker and sicker. It just makes me think about what men would and/or could confess about. Think about it...if we have these horrible secrets and confessions regarding the one person in the world that we should be able to tell everything - what could they be hiding? Is there a True Husband Confessions? I can only imagine their confessions would be just as horrible, if not worse. I guess it just scares me.

Maybe that's my confession - I don't have enough confidence in my relationship with J to believe he wouldn't have anything to add to True Husband Confessions. If you ever met J, you'd understand why I could believe he's hiding something - he wasn't blessed with spectacular, conversational skills.

Does he specifically ignore my requests on purpose? Does he take an entire week to do laundry because he knows it drives me completely insane? Does he work so much just to get away from me? Has he not proposed because he really doesn't want to (not because of lack of money)? Does he walk down the hardwood floored hallway with shower wet feet in hopes that I'll walk behind him and fall? Does it really bother him that I've gained weight? Has he cheated on me? Does he think I'm stupid? There are so many secrets that a man could be holding onto.

I just wonder what hurtful, hateful, obnoxious confessions may be hiding out there behind our significant others' eyes. And, thinking about it - I've come to realize, I really don't want to know these things. As I've mentioned on my other blog, I'm not the "forgive and forget" type. I think our relationship would be over if he ever confessed to anything truly hurtful - even if it wasn't that he cheated. So, it's official, I'm absolutely afraid of TWC - but, naturally, I'll continue to read each and every confession with a deep, sinking feeling in my stomach.


Jen said...

Aww... well I don't know J, but I would hope that he isn't the type to cheat or purposely annoy you. I think you're just having a website-induced anxiety attack. Lol. It happens to the best of us.

When I am over-analyzing and feeling insecure, I try to just write about it, like you just did. :) Did it help at all?

Jen said...

Not to say that you were over-analyzing or being insecure... You know what I mean hopefully.

(see, I just HAD to comment again because I was over-analyzing my own comment! gaaaah.)