Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cards Take Game 2, 9-6!

Last night was a rough game. It was back and forth and those kind of games give me an ulcer. And, I'll be the first to say that I, surely, didn't expect So Taguchi to homer! You're Sooooo Taguchi!

I'm so, very, proud of him and I'm happy he could make such a difference for us. Congrats So!

Jimmy got on the board and then Spiezio's two-run triple made me want to do back flips! And, So sewed it up for us - again, totally unexpected, but pleasantly surprised.

The Cards will be playing Game 3 against the Mets tonight and I will be there. Suppan is pitching and I have confidence that we can take this game too. Go Cards!

OH! And, look who changed his tone towards the Cards - read this article and then read my post entitled "David & Goliath?". Now, it's obvious he's still in it for the Mets, but he surely doesn't sound as arrogant, ignorant and confident as he did before the series started. Granted, they could still win it all, but maybe this will be a lesson not to be so arrogant and ignorant when you haven't even earned the right yet.


And, as they said on the St. Louis Cardinals Website, "Make it hurt 'So' Good!"

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Linlee said...

Girl I almost called you last night around 10;00 I figured you were going nuts!