Saturday, March 31, 2007

Here Is Zee New Pee-Pee Room!

Okay, so I have a couple more things to do to the bathroom (like touch up paint and painting the moulding outside the bathroom door) - but here are the pictures as previously promised. Remember - my house is VERY tiny, so when you see my bathroom, try not to be thrown into a claustrophobic tailspin.

Ta Da!!!

I would like to get a picture or a collage of stuff for above the toilet - I'm doing that tomorrow. See the blue painter's tape around the moulding outside the door! I painted the moulding once, but I need to do another coat of KILZ and then the regular white paint.

Oh, and that vanity was too tall - the faucet ended up interfering with the medicine cabinet - so we cut the legs off and used TRAILER HITCHES as legs. My mom and I went to Home Depot looking for little round, silver legs for a table. They didn't have ANYFRICKINTHING. So, we walked by trailer hitches and I looked at my mom and said, "These will work". She immediately said, "No, that'll never work". But, I persisted and we came home, cut the legs off of the vanity and screwed the trailer hitches into the bottom. My dad even ended up liking the outcome. My parents thought I was nuts, but it turned out REALLY cute.

I painted the picture above to match my bathroom...

So, there, that's it! That's what took us 3 weekends to accomplish. However, everything you see is BRAND SPANKIN' NEW except for the tub and the toilet. We installed new sub floor and tile, we installed and painted all new drywall. New shower curtain, new vanity (with faucet), new medicine cabinet, newly painted door, new base boards, new moulding around the door. What else, I guess that's it. Oh, new towel bars and hooks. I love it - I'm not 100% sure about the toilet seat, but that can be changed (with a lot of work).


Linlee said...

Your bathroom looks awesome! I love the painting you did!

Lisa said...

THat is SUPER COOL. LOVE the painting! Love that sink. You guys did a great job on your bathroom.

Jen!! said...

Dude. That painting is SO awesome. Do you paint a lot? I wish I could see more of your stuff if you do. I want one!! :)

Ireland said...

Love It! Love It! Love It!
I so *dig* that sink and the colors are great! I love the painting too!!!
You and I are alot alike, I find things in strange places and turn into something beautiful. Never thought of trailor hitches tho- lol
Everthing in my house I have made or painted. I love that because it can never be duplicated!
Good Job!

Star8278 said...

Ohhh, there's so much I love about it, I don't know where to start. The sink is wayyyy cool, the painting... superb! You should be very proud!

Twisted Sister said...

I LOVE your new bathroom! That sink......*jealous* Hey, I'm all about those polka dots on that shower curtain.

Ya'll did GREAT!