Saturday, March 31, 2007

I've Decided To Be Bitter

So, a few of us St. Louis Bloggers went to lunch today and I had a REALLY nice time (I'd put up a picture, but I'm fairly certain I'm the only one that didn't bring a camera).

But, good ole Reba (at Not So Everyday Mom) mentioned that she has tickets to the opening day game for the Cardinals tomorrow and well, now I've decided to be bitter towards Jason! (at no fault of Reba's - seriously). I love the Cardinals so frickin' much that it's not fair that I got jipped out of season tickets because HE cheated on ME! So, yes, you're reading this correctly - I wasn't so bitter about him cheating on me, but I'm severely bitter over missing all of the Cardinals games! Bastard!

Reba, you're so frickin' lucky - but, I hereby announce that I don't want to hear about your day at the game tomorrow! :0) I really hope you have a good time - and I REALLY hope we whoop the Mets yet again (but we didn't do too well against them in Spring Training). But, seriously, don't tell me about it. :O) JK I'm just flat out jealous - I won't lie.

Okay...that's it, that's all I wanted to say. I'm now bitter about the breakup (2 months later).


Reba said...

Now I feel guilty. I didn't mean to make you bitter.

Mikala said...

No, it's not your fault. I was going to be bitter regardless - the whole season tickets thing has been in the back of my mind since we broke up - I knew I'd be bitter on opening day and the fact that it was such a beautiful day didn't make it any better. :0) I was just giving you some trouble. Really - don't feel guilty. I just thought it was funny that I was bitter about the Cardinals tickets and not the actual break up. :0) He's an arse!

How was the game? Did you have a good time??? It really WAS a beautiful day.

Star8278 said...

What stage of dealing with a break up does bitter fall under?

I hit that stage when I spent the first weekend in my new house. I realized how much he was holding me back and I even emailed him a good lashing letter!!!

Just wait until you hit the, I am ready to meet new people, stage. That's the best!!!